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Ready for a PCOS plan specific to your unique body?

Your doctor may never tell you or even understand that you are a unique woman with a unique PCOS diagnosis.  With the guidance of PCOS expert Stefani Ruper in PCOS Unlocked, all your questions about what PCOS is, what’s causing your PCOS, and how PCOS can be overcome will be solved, for good.







Three big obstacles are in the way of your progress.


1)  Information about PCOS on the internet and even in doctor’s offices can be horribly confusing, mis-leading, and inappropriate.

2)  Traditional PCOS treatments are focused on covering up symptoms, not alleviating the underlying issues and preventing PCOS.

And most importantly…

3)  Most health practitioners and authors of books on PCOS fail to recognize that a wide variety of factors go into causing PCOS.  They fail to see that a wide diversity of women with different hormone profiles, body sizes, and life situations can all have the condition.

Because of this, PCOS is often treated as a one-size-fits-all condition….

but that could not be further than the truth.

This oversight has led to literally hundreds of thousands of women being right now inadequately treated for their PCOS.


The solution to these problems is PCOS Unlocked.


PCOS Unlocked is the first ever guide that accounts for the wide variety of causes of PCOS.  This means that PCOS Unlocked speaks directly to you, in your unique life and your unique body.

PCOS Unlocked really is – cross my heart, hope to die, I wish so badly that it weren’t — the only guide that tailors your PCOS treatment and journey specifically to your personal needs.

PCOS gives it to you straight: It tells you what PCOS is, why you uniquely have PCOS, and how to overcome it with a simple, cheap, intuitive, and healthy plan.




The making of PCOS Unlocked


My name is Stefani Ruper, and I’m a scientist, philosopher, and nutritional consult.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in the fall of 2009.  I didn’t know a thing about ovaries, about nutrition, or about hormones.  I tried finding out about hormones on the internet, and I listened to my doctor, but neither of those things helped me much at all.  How could I become fertile again?  Have a sex drive again?  Regain radiant skin?

At the time, working for NASA in an Ivy League microbiology lab, I knew that I had to apply my rigorously-honed scientific brain to the problem of PCOS.   I knew I could do it.  I could hack my PCOS.  And I did.

What followed were several years worth of research, reading hundreds, if not thousands, of medical journal articles, surfing the web, experimenting with my body, and being in dialog with hundreds of women as I moved forward and began consulting others on how to overcome their PCOS.

Coming out of those years, what I learned was that PCOS is grossly misunderstood and poorly treated by the vast majority of health professionals.  For some reason or another, PCOS has evolved in the medical community’s consciousness as something simple, and caused only by one thing: insulin resistance.  But as a woman without that problem, and in consultation with many hundreds of women who also don’t have it, I dug further into  female endocrine health to find answers.

 What I found was startling: PCOS is caused not just by insulin resistance but also a wide variety of dietary and lifestyle choices: certain foods, toxins, exercise habits, sleep patterns, weight status, and stress hormones.  There is so much more than what meets the eye, and women will never fully overcome PCOS without comprehensive treatment.

had to get this information to you.  

I finally published this guide in order to share all of the information available in my brain about PCOS.  I have, I believed, through all of this digging and exdperimentation developed a unique perspective on and insight into PCOS.  PCOS Unlocked is where I deliver it in an accessible, elegant, and simple way.

PCOS Unlocked is my endeavor to empower you with knowledge about your PCOS.   I help you, as best I can, get to know your body.  And based on your unique situation, I detail a plan forward for you.  PCOS Unlocked comes right out of my experience as a scientist and a PCOS consultant, designed to alleviate your PCOS, to save you money, to make you healthier, and to promote your natural beauty and radiance, for good.

This is how I overcame my own PCOS, which was rife not just with infertility and cysts but also painful acne sores all over my face, insomnia, and a vanished sex drive.  It was a long road of healing for me, and it continues to be an important point of attention in my health and wellness journey.   This is the tool set and information I have used to help several hundred others.  And this is how all the women who have purchased the manual have become better in touch with their bodies, and have started down the road to better health and happiness.



PCOS Unlocked is for you if…



The thing about PCOS is that you could have a wide variety of symptoms on top of infertility.   Perhaps you suffer from acne, mental health disturbances, trouble losing weight, being overweight, and pre-diabetes.  Or perhaps you only suffer from a decreased sex drive.  Regardless, PCOS is a infertility-causing hormone problem that comes with a host of other risks and pitfalls.  For this reason, if you have PCOS, this manual is likely for you.  PCOS Unlocked endeavors to alleviate the underlying hormone imbalances that cause PCOS.  This means that using this manual will not just promote your fertility, but will actively help you mitigate the rest of your symptoms associated with PCOS.

PCOS Unlocked is also, moreover, primed for your empowerment and use.  PCOS Unlocked walks you through the science of PCOS.  It helps you understand precisely what has caused your PCOS, and it guides you step-by-step through how to mitigate those factors.

For this reason, you may end up lightyears ahead of your doctor and other medical professionals in understanding your PCOS.   No one-size-fits-all treatment or hormone treatment will be right for your path forward.  Only attacking the underlying causes of hormone imbalance will, and will help you overcome not just one but all of the problems that stem from PCOS.

This guide empowers you with knowledge, and it enables you to act right now and start alleviating the underlying causes of your PCOS today.


The health benefits of PCOS Unlocked include, but are not limited to…



PCOS is a condition that affects not just the ovaries, but every aspect of the body that is involved with sex hormones.  This means that obvious examples such as infertility and decreased sex drive arise, but less obvious problems such as mental health disturbances, depression, anxiety, insomnia, mood swings, sleep apnea, hair loss, hair growth, and acne are all significantly impacted by PCOS.   Attacking the underlying causes PCOS, rather than treating it with bandaids and prescription medication, helps alleviate all of these symptoms, and for good.

Moreover, having PCOS puts you statistically at an increased risk for a wide variety of diseases.  Diabetes, pre-diabetes, sleep apnea, ovarian and endometrial cancers, and being overweight are a few powerful examples.  Ridding yourself of the underlying problems causing PCOS will decrease your incurrence of these risks, as well.   PCOS Unlocked focuses on doing so.  It empowers you not just to regain your fertility and your current health, but also your future health.

The dietary and lifestyle changes necessary for overcoming PCOS are also powerful promoters of health in other realms.  Many of the harmful foods and toxins that cause PCOS cause other problems such as the whole class of autoiummune diseases, spanning from Lupus to Celiac disease and to rosacea, being overweight, depression, and a wide variety of cancers.   These are not coditions to be trifled with.  Nourishing yourself with the protocols described in PCOS may very well heal pre-existing conditions you have, and prevent you from coming down with them in the future.


PCOS Unlocked is unlike any other book or program on PCOS.  This is because…




The reason I have compiled PCOS Unlocked is because I discerned a real need for it in the PCOS community.  Literally hundreds of thousands of women are receiving inadequate treatment for their PCOS.  PCOS is not just caused by insulin resistance like every author who has written a book on PCOS so far would have you believe.   It is instead caused by a wide variety of factors, spanning from stress level to body weight and to phytoestrogen content in the diet.  And PCOS is never overcome by taking medication, which is how many doctors approach treating PCOS.   It is only ever alleviated by attacking the problems that sit at the root of PCOS: hormone imbalance caused by having unhealthy diets and lifestyle choices.

PCOS Unlocked is unique because almost every resource on PCOS that has been published so far fails to account for all the causes of PCOS, and is therefore inadequate at getting to the root of the problem for many women.

It is true that a simplified view of PCOS can be effective for many women moving forward.  Perhaps this simplified view still fits your hormone profile very well.  But there remains the fact that even in the most simplified of PCOS cases, other causes of PCOS and other dietary and lifestyle missteps always hover in the margins.  If they are not addressed, a woman will never reach her health and fertility potential.  She may improve her PCOS, but she has a vast potential that can be filled.

PCOS Unlocked optimizes your health, fertility, and wellness potential.

But perhaps most importantly, PCOS Unlocked is with you throughout the whole journey.  Whether you’re a whiz at PCOS and hormones and know all about your blood tests or are a beginner and do not even have a basic understanding of what PCOS is, this manual is for you.   Each section has prominent “takeaway” cues for you if you want to skim the manual instead of getting into the nitty gritty details, though the details are certainly available if you want them.

Regardless of whether or not you take in the details, PCOS Unlocked still provides a simple, easy-to-implement plan for you moving forward.  It walks you through the process of making dietary and lifestyle changes, and it tells you precisely what you need to know in order to make the right choices.  PCOS Unlocked also tells you the full consequences of your choices–as well as PCOS treatment options I do not even recomment, such as birth control pills–so you can make the best decisions for yourself moving forward.

PCOS Unlocked does not dictate.  It does, instead, empower you with knowledge of the full range of treatment options available, and shares with you how to undertake simply and easily the brightest and most healthful path forward.



With PCOS Unlocked you get immediate access to…







Please email with questions!

If you have any trouble at all with the manual, I can send you a personal download link.

The documents come in PDF, .mp3, and .wmv format.  

If you use a mac, instructions on how to view .wmv files are in the download.


What PCOS Unlocked is worth

PCOS Unlocked is not not just  your run-of-the-mill book on PCOS, but is instead a roadmap to all of the specialized, unique knowledge I’ve honed and sythesized in my brain.  PCOS Unlocked is the first ever resource to ever be published that takes an entirely holistic approach to PCOS.  It describes a wide variety of ways to treat PCOS, but focuses on what I have discerned are the best choices for the a long-term path to health and wellness.   And it describes all of the ways you can get PCOS, and all of the things that can cause PCOS.  It will help you understand uniquely how and why your hormones fluctuate — and even if you have a doctor telling you test results, PCOS Unlocked interprets them for you.

PCOS Unlocked walks you step by step through the causes of PCOS, and through understanding your diagnosis.

It identifies your problems and your causes, and shows you how to move past them.

It walks with you through your journey, and shows you what each hormone situation might mean at all different times.

PCOS Unlocked is worth several consultations with me or with a medical professional.  It takes your results, and it transforms them into a real, solid, practical, natural, efficient path towards health and wellness.




All the while saving you tens of thousands of dollars


Tackling PCOS with PCOS Unlocked is virtually cost-free.

PCOS Unlocked saves you thousands of dollars in medical bills and testing, as well as in co-pays on medication that you might end up taking for several years.

PCOS Unlocked is also a powerful and nearly guaranteed way to overcome PCOS for good.  This decreases medical bills down the line.   The PCOS Unlocked plan also improves health across the board, and has the ability to reduce your risk for a wide variety of diseases, such as diabetes, all of which can cost enormous amounts of money over a lifetime.

PCOS Unlocked makes you fertile again.   Other methods of achieving fertility are frightfully expensive.

For example, Just one round of IVF can cost up to 15,000 dollars!  Most couples require more than one try in order to achieve success with IVF.  This means that PCOS Unlocked can save you 15, 30, 45 60 thousand dollars.





Real people, real recovery


Many websites and scams are full of testimonials and before and afters that aren’t necessarily truthful.  What follows are screenshots from women’s blogs, iTunes pages, and my own comment review pages talking about PCOS Unlocked, my writing and research, and their enthusiasm for this resource that is finally shedding real light on PCOS and guiding them forward.



“A manual like this…the brightest ray of hope.”

 ”This manual is much better for me than my doctors were.”

“The first resource that matches both endocrinology and my body’s needs.”

“So excited to read…Thank you for your amazing work.”

 “WOW!…I wish that a million eyes would read this.”

“One of the most inspiring and informative authors.”

“I am so grateful for Stefani Ruper.”

“Stefani’s podcast is great…lots of wisdom here.”



 My own before and after


My story with PCOS was characterized by low libido, infertility and insomnia.  But the worst of it always seemed to me to be my acne.   Some days I never left my house, I had to take 20 minutes to put cover up on before going outside the house, and my face ached every night going to sleep because the cysts on it were so deep.

Part of my quest to alleviate my PCOS was driven out of a desire to regain the clear skin I had had throughout my teenage years.

The recommendations my doctor gave to me, as well as the drugs he proscribed me, and the special drugs my dermatologist proscribed me, all made my acne worse.

The only thing that fixed my acne was following the prescriptions I lay out in PCOS Unlocked.  I needed to eat the right foods, eliminate all the wrong ones, and to follow the specific diet and lifestyle strategies for type II PCOS.   Slowly over time as I became more and more committed to those strategies, my acne got better and better.  Today, my skin has a handful of scars still healing on it, but otherwise is radiantly clear.





100% Risk Free 60 Day Money Back Guarantee



I know personally that this manual works– it’s what I live by myself, personally, and what I’ve arrived at after years of research and working with clients.  It’s also what the hundreds of clients who have already experienced these results first hand know. However,  I understand that you might still be skeptical.   Skepticism is the right attitude to have in today’s world of hyper-marketed, hyper-contrary world.  For this reason, I have elected to guarantee you a 100 percent risk free purchase.

If you purchase this manual, follow the guidelines and undertake my program, and still do not feel satisfied with your results, with your fertility, with your weight loss, and with your hormone status, you are not just permitted by downright invited and welcome to contact me for a refund.    Please do.  I mean that.  I want your health and happiness to be both of our priorities.There’s not a hassle in the world involved in this process.  Just email me at the email address provided.  Simple as that.

The truth is that I do not only believe in this manual, but I have seen it work time and time again.  PCOS is a hard thing to grapple with in today’s world, and I sympthaize enormously with whatever stage of your journey that you are on.  The rest of the women with whom I have worked and who also have used this manual sympathize, too.  I have spent years with my head in medical journals, have several thousand subscribers and loyal readers, and have watched notes of happy surprise and gratitude roll in over the months as I speak to each woman’s individual needs and lives with PCOS.

From my personal, research, and consulting based experience, this approach works.  It is a hard won approach to PCOS that took a rigorously-honed scientific, female brain to crack.  It’s worth several consulting sessions with me, and at least as much if not more than consultation with doctors and other medical professionals.

All it requires is your desire and your choice.


Order all of my knowledge on PCOS and how to transform you body and life today for the extraordinary holiday price of 47 dollars.





 Still have questions?  Chances are good I have the answers.

How do I watch the .wmv files on a mac?

There is a simple, free conversion software program available for download that makes .wmv files compatible for Macs, presuming that you do not already have .wmv-compatible video players.  Detailed, 30-second installation instructions are available in the single PCOS Unlocked download.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

Then it’s all free. If you follow the plans laid out in the manual and your PCOS symptoms do not improve, and within the first 60 days, you will receive a complete refund, no questions asked.

I’m over 30…reaching 40…coming up on menopause… is this program still for me?

Yes!  PCOS is a problem that affects all women who have not yet gone through menopause, and improving PCOS always improves fertility, problems with biochemistry and metabolism, hormone imbalance, weight regulation, and your ability to conceive and carry children to term.  Even women who have gone through menopause might not have the symptoms of infertility and irregular menstruation anymore, but hormone imbalances in menopause can be worsened by a history of PCOS, and mitigated by implementing the changes described in PCOS Unlocked.

Studies are also beginning to show that PCOS can speed the onset of menopause.  Alleviating PCOS can both put off menopause by several years and significantly decrease menopausal symptoms, depending on the severity of your PCOS.

I don’t know all that much about hormones.  In fact, I don’t know anything.  Is PCOS Unlocked still for me?

Yes!  PCOS Unlocked diagrams and elucidates all of the different hormone systems relevant for PCOS in simple, easy-to-understand terms.   Even if those aren’t for you, however, and you aren’t interested, each section has a “takeaway” summary that tells you only the bare essentials you need to know for your plan.

What makes PCOS Unlocked different?

POS Unlocked is the first resource for women with PCOS that addresses all of the causes and influences that affect PCOS, and provides a path forward for each woman depending on the different causes that are relevant to her personal situation.   PCOS is about far more than being overweight, which many medical professionals treat it as.  Questions of stress, different dietary choices, toxins, weight status and exercise are all important parts of the PCOS equation.  PCOS Unlocked addresses those, and for this reason is entirely unique.

Will I have to wait for you to ship me all of this information?

No, the information is available for digital download immediately after purchase.  All of the files are in .pdf, .mp3, and .wmv format, immediately usable by both PC and Mac users.  The PDFs are Kindle and printer friendly if you would like to print the text manual.

What sorts of things are involved in the treatment strategies?

PCOS Unlocked deals largely with food choices, specific strategies for eating those foods (for example, eating in a certain amount of meals each day or a certain amount of carbohydrates), and different amounts of and types of exercise strategies.    Supplements, herbs, and certain medications you may be considering using are also thoroughly explored and explained.

Do I have to have blood test results or even a PCOS diagnosis in order to benefit from PCOS Unlocked?

No.  PCOS Unlocked explains PCOS, and it gives you a way forward based on your personal situation.  Blood tests help you with discerning that situation, so I do recommend you get them done (and the specific tests are listed in the manual), but they are unnecessary if you would like to proceed without getting tested.  PCOS Unlocked can even help you figure out if you have PCOS if you are unsure.

PCOS Unlocked describes both symptoms and manifestations that mark out PCOS and different types of PCOS (for example, having acne, low libido, or being overweight), as well as blood markers that do the same.  This enables you no matter how much information you have, to proceed intelligently with your healing.

It sounds like a lot.  Can I do it?  Can I learn it?

Yes.  PCOS Unlocked is not just easy-to-understand, but simple to implement.  Yes, it takes commitment.  Yes, healing PCOS requires lifelong commitment to health and wellness.  Yes, it takes making real changes to your life.  But these are changes that make you far and away more healthy overall and in the long-run.  Most importantly, however, the manual deals significantly with questions of implementation and practicality.  Concerned about budget?   The manual provides paths forward and resources.   Concerned about giving up your favorite foods?  The manual helps you understand how.  Wary of singular prescriptions?  The manual provides you with enough information to make your own choices.

PCOS is a problem that requires commitment to health and wellness.  I know that this is difficult for some people, so the manual takes this seriously, and helps you make the changes in whichever way you need.



Click here for the disclaimer.

Again, please contact me at with questions!  If you have any trouble at all with the manual, I can send you a personal download link that’s super user friendly!