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Sick of being infertile? 

Tired of gaining weight, not getting your period, or having acne? 

Frustrated by bad medical advice that just never works?

You probably have PCOS…but you’re not alone.

           My name is Stefani.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2009.

No one could cure me – not even my doctors.

It took me years of research, but I finally cured myself. 

My solution is simple, and permanent. 

It doesn’t matter your size. It doesn’t matter your history. It doesn’t matter how weird or intractable your case of PCOS may seem.

After my own weird experience with PCOS, I studied the underlying causes of PCOS, and figured out what to do about them. All of them.

I felt the need to help other women who feel stuck like I used to. I created a non-nonsense, easy-to-implement program for all women: PCOS Unlocked: The Manual.

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This is my story…

In 2009, I stopped menstruating.

My sex drive vanished… in fact, I broke up with my boyfriend because of it.

I got terrible acne.

After months of heartwrenching worry, I finally went to the doctor. He gave me the diagnosis I was dreading: PCOS.

He also told me that I was infertile.

I remember the moment so clearly, sitting on the wax paper on his examining board. My eyes welled up. It wasn’t possible for me to have children. I asked him if I could some day. “Maybe with lots of drugs,” he said.

“But wait!” I said to my doctor. “There must be something I can do!”

“You could try losing weight,” he said. 

But I wasn’t overweight…Not by a long shot! In fact, I had already tried losing weight! I had already lost 30 pounds…and it only made my PCOS worse!

 It just didn’t make sense. How could I fix my PCOS if even my doctor’s advice made me worse?

My doctor scratched his head. He didn’t know what to do!

I sat down on a bench outside the confused doctor’s office.

I had a heart to heart conversation with myself.

I asked myself a tough question:

Could I trust my doctor to cure a condition he didn’t understand?

 I decided to give him a shot. He’s a doctor!, I thought. He must know what he’s doing!

First, he told me to lose weight. This did not help me at all! 

It even made worse.

Then he gave me pills to take, but they made me worse, too!

Sure, the pills gave me a menstrual cycle… but they also made me gain a lot of  weight, and feel horribly depressed. 

I cried for weeks after I tried those pills.

And even then, they didn’t fix my underlying PCOS. I took pills, but they only covered up my PCOS. They didn’t make it go away.

My doctor couldn’t help me, I finally realized, feeling sad and alone.

I turned to other doctors.

I sat on dozens of cold examination tables. I waited  for results. I hoped  for solutions.

Nothing they recommended fixed my acne, my weight issue, my missing libido, my missing periods, or my infertility. 

They couldn’t help me.

So I tried reading websites.

I read every single web page I could find about PCOS. No herbal remedies ever really made a difference. No supplements. No superfoods.  No greens, no liver. None of the quick fixes restored my menstrual cycle.

Websites couldn’t heal me either.

I was still stuck with the same acne, the same infertility, the same bad sex life, the same frustrating condition. 

I needed to help myself.

I set out to become a PCOS champion

I refused to let PCOS stand in the way of my life.

I was done with bad sex. Done with infertility. Done with acne so bad I couldn’t bring myself to leave the house.

I was ready for a change.

And the thing is, I knew that I wasn’t alone.

Today, at least 5 million women in America suffer from PCOS.

All 5 million of us deserve lives that are healthy, fertile, and carefree.

You deserve a life that is healthy, fertile, and carefree.

With my background in science and health research, I knew I could do it. I knew that I could find the answers that I and that all the women with PCOS deserve.

It took me years of research and study.

I read thousands of articles.

I tried taking three different kinds of drugs. I went on every diet imaginable–Mediterranean, vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, paleo. I conducted years-long experiments on myself.

I poured sweat, blood, and tears into overcoming PCOS. And then, finally, in 2012…


Finally, I found a solution!

I remember the moment like it was yesterday.

I picked up head up from the book it was buried in, and stared off into space. The gears were turning, fast. 

All the data I had gathered from reading for months finally paid off, and clicked in one magical moment.

This is what I realized:

I couldn’t fix myself the way my doctor blindly told everybody to fix themselves.

There are many different types of PCOS.

We can’t all treat ourselves with the same old, blanket prescription doctors have been giving out since the 90s – it simply won’t work.

Science has proven that PCOS requires more than that. Each person’s PCOS is unique. You have a special cause – and a special type – of PCOS.

In all of my research, I discovered certain underlying truths about female hormone balance.

I now know what causes all types of PCOS – and how to fix it.

I designed a manual that can meet your needs.

If you are overweight, I know how to fix your PCOS.

If you are underweight, I know how.

If you have acne, I know how.

If you have hypothyroidism, I know how.

I didn’t spend four years training in the the Ivy League, nor working on NASA grants, for nothing.

Everything I have ever learned or experienced about overcoming PCOS is in this manual.

Everything I have fixed in myself —

from my terrible acne

to my problem maintaining a healthy weight

to having a good sex life

and to regaining my fertility — it’s all here.

PCOS stole my fertility, my health, my confidence, and my love life. But I put my nose to the grindstone, and I figured it out. I got it all back.

I am here to show you how.

Buy now at 66% off – get started immediately!

PCOS Unlocked has answers for nearly every woman –

no matter your symptoms, weight, age, or health history

PCOS Unlocked: The Manual is the most effective and comprehensive approach to PCOS.

But why?

Because PCOS Unlocked doesn’t use the same ineffective, harmful approaches people normally use. For example:

Doctors typically proscribe pills. UghThese don’t work. Even if they cover up symptoms, they don’t heal the underlying problems. 

Second, doctors or bloggers will probably tell you to eat less and exercise more. This definitely doesn’t work, because PCOS is much more complex than that.

Third, doctors and bloggers might tell you that you willneed expensive fertility treatments.

None of these things will cure your PCOS. They will only cover it up. You might still have it, and quite probably for life.

This is the secret most doctors, bloggers, and websites don’t know about:

You can absolutely 100% overcome your PCOS, if only you know what type of PCOS you have.

I have the tools to help you figure out what type you are, and easily. 

The plan I provide in PCOS Unlocked is based in exciting new science. I explain it all in plain, no-nonsense English.

I provide a 5 step plan, based off that science, that goes way beyond “eat less, exercise more.” 

I provide a special treatment plan catered precisely to your type of PCOS that is simple and bulletproof.

PCOS Unlocked gives you step by step, easy to follow instructions for overcoming your underlying health issue and becoming permanently healthy, for good, no matter your symptoms, or type of PCOS. It is the easiest and most effective guide you might ever follow.

If you have PCOS you probably suffer from…

  • Infertility

  • Irregular Periods
  • Missing Periods
  • Acne 
  • Facial hair growth (hirsutism)
  • Male pattern balding
  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Difficulty maintaining weight
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Food cravings
  • Mood swings
  • Low libido
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Menopause and PCOS
  • An impaired reproductive system

And PCOS Unlocked will heal them…

No matter how unusual or intractable your case of PCOS may seem!

PCOS Unlocked will enable you to bust through symptoms and…

  • Regain your fertility – naturally, and sustainably
  • Make your periods regular
  • Make you ovulate
  • Boost the important female sex hormone levels
  • Clear your skin and make it positively radiant
  • Slim your waistline – without trying
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Improve your hormone balance
  • Reduce mood swings and irritability associated with hormone imbalance
  • Increase your libido
  • Reverse facial hair growth
  • Put an end to balding 
  • Reduce food cravings and obsessions
  • Reduce systemic inflammation
  • Improve thyroid health
  • Improve gut health and comfort
  • Improve nutrient absorption
  • Boost mood and cognitive function
  • Permanently eliminate worry about your health and fertility

Here’s what you’ll get with PCOS Unlocked

1. PCOS Unlocked – The Program (147 e-pages)


You’ll learn:

  • The most recent science on the causes of PCOS
  • A three part typology for understanding what “type” of PCOS you have
  • Detailed information on how female hormone systems work and what happens when they get blocked
  • Different food and exercisee plans for each of the three main types of PCOS
  • Information on all the best supplements and herbs for PCOS
  • A reasonable discussion on potential medical interventions

2. PCOS Unlocked – The Audio Series


You’ll hear:

  • 24 audio files explaining:
    • the symptoms, causes, types, and cures or PCOS.
    • Want to learn all about PCOS but don’t have the time to read? The Audio series is fully comprehensive. You can master PCOS while out walking your dog, driving to work, or anything other time you can pop in a pair of headphones.

3. PCOS Unlocked – The Video Series


You’ll see:

  • 10 separate video clips – 
    • each of which discusses one important takeaway for overcoming PCOS.
    • I discuss the science of PCOS, the science of the female body, the 3 different types of PCOS, how to eat to overcome PCOS, the supplements I recommend for PCOS, and the various medical options you have the option of pursuing.

4. Seven Free Bonus Guides

Bonus Supplemental Guide #1:

The PCOS-Type Summary Guide

You’ll benefit from:

  • Tables that indicate the distinctions between different types of PCOS
  • Information on PCOS symptoms and which type of PCOS they are associated with
  • Information helping you figure out which type of PCOS you have

Bonus Supplemental Guide #2:

The Low-Carbohydrate Food Prep Guide

You’ll get:

  • Simple breakdowns of what it means to eat a healthy diet
  • A list of “good” and “bad” – or “preferable” and “not preferable” foods
  • Specific guidelines for each type of PCOS
  • Different kitchen stocks and appliances for different types of PCOS
  • All the food information you need to make a killer PCOS grocery shopping trip

Bonus Supplemental Guide #3:

The Hormone Glossary

You’ll get all the information you need to know on:

  • Testosterone
  • DHEA-S
  • Estradiol, Estriol, Estrone
  • Progesterone
  • LH, FSH
  • TSH, T3, T4

Bonus Supplemental Guide #4:

The PCOS-Type Indicators Guide

You’ll learn:

  • About different PCOS symptoms such as acne, being overweight, facial hair, balding, low libido, mood changes, and irregular periods.
  • What each of these symtpoms means for your health.
  • What each of these symptoms means for your healing.
  • Ways to know what type of PCOS you have

Bonus Supplemental Guide #5:

Blood Test Interpretation Tables

You’ll have a cheat sheet for:

  • Quick, easy-to-digest interpretations of what your doctors are telling you (and maybe what they aren’t).
  • An easy cheat-sheet for understanding your own hormone levels.
  • Reference values for each hormone level, indicating perhaps which kind of PCOS it may be pointing to.

Bonus Supplemental Guide #6:

Stress Questionnaire and Checklist

You’ll learn about yourself via…

  • A well-established questionnaire used by psychologists all around the world to evaluate stress levels.
  • A helpful way for you to quantify and understand your own stress levels.
  • Dozens of thought provoking items that can help you prioritize your life, as well as develop compassion for yourself.

Bonus Supplemental Guide #7:

PCOS-Typing Flow Chart

You’ll get fast answers with:

  • A flow chart designed to help you figure out what types of PCOS you might have or that affect you. This is an excellent tool if you want step-by-step help understanding what your symptoms means. Then, after you have followed the flow chart and figured out what kind of PCOS you have, you have already finished half the battle! For the rest, all you have to do is follow the plan for your type and take care of your body according to its specific needs.

All of that just for $47… more than 66% off!

Buy now at 66% off – Get started Immediately!

The thing is…PCOS Unlocked might be the best investment you ever make 

Sometimes, at first, and understandably, women balk at paying money for a program like this. 

Why spend money on overcoming PCOS?

But here’s the thing:

Doctor’s appointments, prescription pills, and fertility treatments all can cost thousands of dollars

literally one fertility treatment can cost $10,000…. and out of pocket! 

Even if you don’t get fertility treatments, living off of any kind of pill or supplement is extremely expensive over the long-term. 

However – to use PCOS Unlocked is possibly to eliminate expenses forever. 

PCOS Unlocked provides a robust, well-tested program (tested on five continents, in fact) that gets to the root cause and fixes it, for good.

PCOS Unlocked doesn’t require you to pay for expensive medical treatments, for fertility treatments, or for pills.

In fact, PCOS Unlocked may be the best investment – and least expensive one – that you ever make for your fertlity and health.

Plus, PCOS Unlocked contains all of the information that you might get out of a normal consultation with me, but at 30% of the price.

That’s right. My clients pay $147 an hour for the exact same information that I provide in PCOS Unlocked.

This is an extreme discount compared to what my clients normally get – and I wouldn’t offer it unless I was super serious about helping you heal your PCOS as quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively as possible.

What Readers are Saying:

“When I was sick, tired, overweight, had no libido, and was growing a mustache not unlike my husband’s, I had no hope. Then I found Stefani. Stefani has helped me understand what’s happened to my body. I learned how to love my boddy and to heal it from Stefani, in ways I never imagined possible. Now I have no mustache, and I have hope. That’s a pretty great trade, for me!”

Jessica B.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been reserching EVERYTHING that could be the cause of my lack of menstruation for 2.5 years and this is the first thing that matches what could be going on in my body. I can’t wait to keep reading into this! 😀 Thank you!”


“Stefani is a genius of the female body – quite possibly the smartest woman I have ever encountered. I can’t believe how much she has fixed in her own body, and how much she has been able to provide to the world in turn. I am menopausal, and I really love her stuff. Party due to Stefani I am now free!!!”

Elizabeth R.

“We communicated about a month or so ago, Stefani, and i just had to write quickly to tell you that I got my first proper period in well over a year last week! I’m just so thrilled. I’m sure – as someone who has been in the same boat – you don’t need me to re-iterate how amazingly relieved I am.”

Emilia L.

The Triple Money Back Guarantee

Go ahead, try out PCOS Unlocked: The Manual for an entire 60 days!

By the end of that time, I am confident that you will be thrilled with everything you’ve learned and the quality of information I have provided. I also think that you will see your hormone health begin to improve, heal your body, see symptoms abate, and love your body more. This, in my book, is being “satisfied.”

But I do of course acknowledge that you may have an alternative experience, for any number of reasons. In the highly unlikely event that you are not blown away by what I provide in PCOS Unlocked, just let me know and I will send you a prompt, no questions-asked refund. Seriously.

I am more committed to your satisfaction than I am to my bottom line. So please feel free to test out the program if you are unsure. If it turns out you don’t like it, I will gladly refund you. I am simply so confident in PCOS Unlocked that I want you to have the opportunity to try it on for size no matter the potential cost to me… and then you will have hte risk-free ability to see for yourself just how awesome it can be! You are able to request a refund within 60 days if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Buy now at 66% off – get started immediately!

Still unsure? Have questions? Check out the FAQ!

What are your qualifications? Who are you to teach me about overcoming PCOS?

My name is Stefani Ruper. For the last five years I’ve run a women’s health blog that gets more than a million visits a year. I have also published a bestselling book on the topic of women’s health, and currently run a top-10 health and fitness podcast with more than a million downloads. This isn’t to say that these MEAN anything significant – but they do mean that I have experience.

I have personally been diagnosed with and overcome my own PCOS. I really did do so with the power of research in medical journals. After doing so I created this program which has now helped several thousand women on five continents. I also consulted women 1-on-1 for years before I became overwhelmed by balancing that practice with all of my writing demands and media appearances. In doing so I have taken part in and witnessed the success of several dozen clients following the PCOS Unlocked protocol.

I have a high honors BA in biogeochemistry from Dartmouth College. While there I worked on projects for Mars rovers and studying meteorites under NASA grants. Afterwards I received a masters in philosophy at Boston University, and am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Oxford in the UK.

Why an ebook?

What’s the benefit to purchasing the fully digital PCOS Unlocked as an eBook? Simple: you get immediate access. You get to start on your healing now, today. You don’t have to worry about losing the book or the CDs — you’ll have it available to download forever.

You’re also automatically signed up for lifetime updates. You get access to ALL new research and recommendations. Unlike a traditional book, PCOS Unlocked will always have the most up-to-date information and recommendations. PCOS Unlocked will pay for itself again and again.

Is a book on PCOS really worth my money?

Women have come to me after having spent thousands of dollars on tests, doctor’s visits, and fertility treatments. They have come to me after years of frustration. Some cried tears of gratitude and relief, but it would have been so amazing if I had been able to help them at the beginning and avoided all of that. The price of this manual is pennies compared to the financial and emotional trouble of treating PCOS the normal way. It will save you thousands. Women always tell me they wished they acted faster. And don’t forget the money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose, and only a ravenous libido, clear skin, slimmer waist, and healthy reproductive system to gain.

I'm over 30...reaching this program still for me?

Yes! PCOS is a problem that affects all women of all ages! There is even a new and updated special section of the manual devoted to menopause.

I don't know much about hormones. Is PCOS Unlocked still for me?

Yes! PCOS Unlocked is full of easy-to-understand diagrams and definitions in easy English. Even if those aren’t for you, however, and you aren’t interested, each section has a “takeaway” summary that ells you only teh bare essentials you need to know to overcome PCOS.

What sorts of things are invovled in the treatment strategies?

PCOS Unlocked deals largely with food choices, specific strategies for eating those foods (for example, eating in a certain amount of meals each day or a certain amount of carbohydrates), and different amounts of and types of exercise strategies. Supplements, herbs, and certain medications you may be considering using are also thoroughly explored and explained.

What if it doesn't work for me?

Then it’s all free. if you follow the plans laid out in the manual and your PCOS symptoms do not improve, and within the first 60 days, you will receive a complete refund, no questions asked.

Do I have to have blood test result or even a PCOS diagnosis in order to benefit?

No. Blood tests help you understand your PCOS, so I do recommend you get them done (and the specific tests are listed in the manual), but they are unnecessary if you would like to proceed without getting tested. You will be on the road to overcoming PCOS immediately with PCOS Unlocked. PCOS Unlocked can even help you figure out if you have PCOS if you are unsure.

Overcoming PCOS sounds hard. Can I really do it?

Yes! PCOS Unlocked is not just easy-to-understand, but simple to implement. Yes, it takes commitment. Yes, it takes making real changes to your life. Yes, it takes patience, and learning, and growth. Yes, ti certainly takes energy.

But these are changes make you far and away more healthy overall and in the long-run. Most importantly, I make them easy for you. This manual is all about how to do this practically, as easy as 1-2-3. What if I have other questions?

Please email me! Me and my team are here for you. Contact me on social media or at paleoforwomenteam @ with any questions or concerns you have about the manual.

How do I watch the .wmv files on a mac?

There is a simple, free conversion software program available for download that makes .wmv files compatible for Macs, presuming that you do not already have .wmv-compatible video players. Detailed, 30-second installation instructions are available in the single PCOS Unlocked download.

Buy now at 66% off – get started immediately!

Disclaimer: The techniques and suggestions expressed in this website are intended to be educational only. The author is not recommending medical advice of any kind, nor does she intend for any information on this website or within the products provided to replace medical advice, nor to diagnose, treat, ameliorate, or cure any health issue such as a disease, condition, or illness.

Before beginning any nutrition or exercise program like this one, one must consult with their doctors or other licensed physicians and receive full clearance. The author claims no responsibility to any person or entity for any liability, loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly as a result of the use, application or interpretation of the material in this product.

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