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I was diagnosed in 2009...

In 2009, an ultrasound revealed more than two hundred small cysts growing on my ovaries. I'll never forget that moment, sitting there on the examination table. My heart sped up. I gasped for breath. I understood now why I had stopped getting my period, why my sex drive dried up, and why I had started getting such terrible acne. I had PCOS.

I asked my doctor if I was still fertile. "No," he said, shortly. My eyes welled up. It was no longer possible for me to have children. I couldn't experience the joy of pregnancy. I couldn't breastfeed. I couldn't hold my baby in my arms.

Not, at least, until I could get rid of the cysts.

My heart was broken.

"But wait!" I said to my doctor. I remembered something I had read long ago. "I'm confused!" "Aren't most women who have PCOS overweight?" I asked. I wasn't overweight. Not by a long shot. In fact, I was wearing size 00 jeans. I was as far from overweight as I could possibly be.There was no way I was the typical PCOS patient. It just didn't make sense. Only overweight women are supposed to get PCOS.

My doctor was confused, too. He scratched his head.
He didn't know what to do! He didn't know how to fix my PCOS.

I sat down on a bench outside the doctor's office and had a heart to heart conversation with myself. I asked myself a tough question: Could I trust my doctor to cure a condition he didn't understand?

I couldn't. I gave him a chance and tried working with him anyway, but it didn't help me at all. I consulted other doctors and other websites, but none of them could help me either. Obviously, I needed to fix my PCOS all by myself. I was determined to get my clear skin back, and I was desperate to be able to have children some day. I wanted to have good sex again. I was going to get to the bottom of this thing if it was the last thing I did!

I also knew that the five million women in America who today suffer from PCOS deserve more than confused doctors. They deserve someone who understands what causes PCOS. They deserve a champion who can show them how to overcome it.

I set out to become that woman.

Five years later, I am that woman. I have cured my own PCOS. I have written several internationally acclaimed books on it. I have helped women on five continents achieve healthy hormone balance and regain their fertility.

It took me years of research and study. I read thousands of articles. I tried taking three different kinds of drugs. I went on every diet imaginable.

Finally, I found a solution. I figured out that PCOS didn't need expensive drugs after all. What PCOS needs is understanding. PCOS needs the right diet. PCOS is a complex condition, and every woman has different needs.

I designed a manual that can meet your needs. If you are overweight, I know how to fix your PCOS. If you are underweight, I know how. If you have acne, I know how. If you have hypothyroidism, I know how. If you have a gut condition, I know how. It doesn't matter what your specific symptoms are. Even if you don't have these symptoms or know why you have PCOS, I know how to help you overcome it. I understand PCOS inside and out, from start to finish.

This manual contains all of that information, inside and out, start to finish.

Everything I have ever learned or experienced about PCOS is in this manual. I break the science down into simple explanations. I explain your PCOS. I tell you why you have it. I show you the exact steps you need to overcome it. I tell you why four food toxins must be eliminated for your body to heal, and how two superfoods can speed up your healing twice as fast.

This manual is the result of the last five years of my life. PCOS stole my fertility, my health, my confidence, and my love life. But I put my nose to the grindstone, and I figured it out. I got it all back.

For good. For all of us. I am here to show you how.

Ready to stand out from the crowd and take charge of your own health and sexiness?

Look. PCOS sucks.

I'd know. I had it for years.

If you're anything like me, having PCOS means pimples break out on your chin all the time. You catch people staring at them no matter how much make up you apply.

Maybe you get on the scale and look down at the numbers every morning, and you keep gaining weight, no matter how hard you try.

Maybe you aren't overweight, but you're confused about the best path forward for you, since you know you have PCOS but no one ever talks about PCOS for normal or underweight women.

Maybe you don't have a period or never know when the next one is going to come.

Maybe you no longer fantasize about weekends in bed or even find your partner's massages arousing, and you struggle to enjoy physical pleasure.

Maybe you tweeze your upper lip every day, because if you didn't, you'd have a mustache like your brother's.

Maybe you are not fertile. You don't know if you are ever going to be able to have a baby. If you have some of the symptoms I just mentioned, you probably are not. Women who have PCOS are infertile until they overcome it.

These are the major symptoms of PCOS. You might not have all of them, but you probably have at least some, right? I know how you feel. PCOS sucks.

Feel like you're going to be stuck with PCOS forever?

I have now helped thousands of women on five different continents overcome PCOS. The one thing they all had in common when we finished working together was overwhelming relief. Sometimes they even gushed tears.

PCOS, for them, like for me, felt like it was never going to end. "What's wrong with my body?" they wondered. How do you overcome PCOS? Is it even possible to overcome it?!

You've tried prescriptions. You've tried eating less and exercising more. You've tried a low carb diet. You've tried more confangled herbal whatchamacallit remedies than you can count. Nothing's worked.

(You're not alone. This happens to almost all of the ~30 million women who suffer from PCOS.)

PCOS is tricky. Without the right guidance, it's almost impossible to overcome. Nor does it go away or get better on it's own. Nope. If you are lazy or scared or decide to just cross your fingers and wait, it's not going to work.

Without the right treatment, your acne, facial hair, and infertility will last indefinitely. You might never get to post another picture of yourself in your skinny jeans. You might never have the radiant skin of the girl next to you at yoga class. You might miss out on the best sex of your life. You might -- seriously -- never be able to have a baby. PCOS lasts until you find the right treatment. Do you want to wait until you're too old to do anything, or do you want to act now?

Doctors don't understand PCOS

Ever feel like you're the only one who knows what you're going through and genuinely wants to fix it? I can't tell you how many of my clients sit in waiting rooms for hours at a time, only to be rushed through a quickie seven-minute appointment with their doctors. They only get to ask half of a question before they are handed a set of prescription drugs and ushered out the door. If they are lucky and have a doctor who wants to heal their underlying problems, they still are just hurriedly told to "eat less and exercise more."

"Come back in six months for a check up!" the nurse shouts at them when they're already in the parking lot.

This might be an exaggeration, but it reveals a very serious problem for women who have PCOS. Doctors often fail to see you for who you really are. They fail to see your unique problems. They can't see one test result and slap a prescription in your hand and consider the matter closed. That's just plain wrong.

Worse is the fact that even when you do manage to catch a doctor's attention, the most common way doctors treat PCOS these days is with prescription drugs. But these drugs do NOTHING to solve the underlying problem. They are only band-aids. They only cover up the problem. In fact, they actually make it worse. Side effects like depression and weight gain are common on the kinds of pills prescribed for PCOS.

Doctors almost never address the underlying problem that is causing all your symptoms in the first place.

If you try to treat your PCOS in a doctor's office like I did, you may be signing up for hundreds of dollars in tests and prescriptions, thousands of dollars in fertility treatments, extremely risky side effects (I personally had to go to the ER), and disappointment after disappointment. This was my life for years. Prescription drugs are NOT the answer for you if you want to be healthy and feel good, whether ASAP or ten years from now.

Even "experts" on the internet don't understand it

Here's the kicker: not only do doctors fail to understand PCOS properly, but so do just about all the bloggers and websites about PCOS online! This is partly why it took me so long to figure out my PCOS and how to overcome it. All the information is confusing. It's contradictory. Do you eat carbohydrates or no? Try a milk thistle supplement or no? Count calories or no?

Now, there are some very good-intentioned bloggers, authors, and doctors out there. They want to fix your underlying problem and help you heal for good. But they go about it all wrong!

They give the same old recommendations all the time: eat less, exercise more, don't eat carbohydrates, give up dessert, and eat only lean chicken breast for the rest of your life.

These recommendations aren't just ineffective. They are downright harmful. They will most likely make you less healthy and have worse symptoms in the long run.

There is so much more to PCOS, and so much more that can help you overcome it!

If only they knew!

The normal way just doesn't work

PCOS is poorly understood and treated by just about everybody. Doctors don't get it. Bloggers don't get it. Authors don't get it. If you do things the normal "eat less exercise more, cut carbohydrates" way, you might be doomed to PCOS forever.

Or you can put a stop to it, now, and make that happen for you, today. Here's how:


PCOS Unlocked: The Manual.

Answers for every woman whether you're overweight, infertile, or have major acne issues...

PCOS Unlocked: The Manual is the solution to PCOS.


Because PCOS Unlocked doesn't approach PCOS the same old, ineffective, harmful way it's normally done. It doesn't rely on pills. It doesn't tell you to "eat less and exercise more" or eliminate carbohydrates and then leave you hanging.

PCOS Unlocked is brilliant in its simplicity. It gets to the very root of your problem - to the underlying health problem causing all of your symptoms - and gives you a direct, no-nonsense plan for solving it that will get you on the road to better health immediately.

This is the secret doctors, bloggers, and most websites don't know about. They usually don't address your underlying problem. Even if they try, they don't do it right.

But that's what needs to happen in order for you to heal. And that's what PCOS Unlocked does.

The plan in PCOS Unlocked is based in exciting new science that most doctors don't know about. But I explain it all in plain, no-nonsense English. I provide a plan, based off that science, that goes way beyond "eat less, exercise more" and provides a special treatment plan for you, that is simple and bulletproof, and that will work for you, no matter if you are overweight, normal weight, have acne, have facial hair, have irregular menstrual cycles, or any of the other symptoms of PCOS.

Your underlying problem could be insulin resistance. It could be hypothyroidism. It could be stress. It could be hypothalamic amenorrhea. It could be birth control. It could be any of the other causes of PCOS. It doesn't matter which. PCOS Unlocked will give you the solution. And you will overcome all of your symptoms, not just some of them, regardless of your weight, shape, or health history.

PCOS Unlocked gives you step by step, easy to follow instructions for overcoming your underlying health issue and becoming permanently healthy, for good. It is the easiest and most effective guide you might ever follow.

PCOS Unlocked is also full of specific tips and tricks. For example, four certain foods almost always must be excluded from your diet in order to heal. If you eat three other specific foods, (one of which is my absolute favorite food!), you can speed your healing up twice as fast.

With PCOS Unlocked, you will get control back. Instead of your doctor or your disease, you will be the one calling the shots.

You will be on the road to right where you want to be: healthier, slimmer, feeling better and more alive, faster than you can say:

"PCOS: you're history!"

Only months later, and I feel about a million times better.

By Jenny R.

I have suffered from hormone imbalance since the very day I hit puberty. I was twelve years old and already irregular. I was overweight. I couldn't lose the weight in college even though I ate 1000 calories a day. I went through a whole decade of different pills and doctors before

I found PCOS Unlocked, and realized I had been doing it wrong all along. Only months later, and I feel about a million times better. I'm not done healing yet, but have already lost so much of my stomach fat and feel my fertility coming back. I am so excited now about the future!

It's the only book of its kind

PCOS Unlocked is the only book of its kind. It's the only book (and believe me - I have looked!) that treats all the symptoms of PCOS. It's the only book that addresses your underlying health problem and helps your whole body become healthier. It's the only book that takes women of all shapes and sizes and transforms them into healthy, fertile, stunning powerhouses.

It's the PCOS healing book for every woman, for every cause, for every situation.

One woman I worked with, Jordan, came to me after reading every book on Amazon and going through every website she could find on PCOS. None of them worked for her. But PCOS Unlocked finally did.

After years of desperately searching for a cure for her acne and infertility, Jordan sent me an email and told me I had nailed her problem right on the head. If she had only read PCOS Unlocked sooner, she could have saved herself years of feeling bad about herself, bad sex, and failing to conceive children.

And she's not the only one. Not by a long shot!

"PCOS, you're history!"

Even though I am 34, I feel younger and sexier than I have in years!

By Jessica B.

When I was sick, tired, overweight, had no libido, and was growing a mustache thicker than my husband's, I had no hope. Then I found you, Stefani. You have helped me understand what's happened to my body. I learned how to love my body and to heal it from you, in ways I never imagined possible. I now really have hope that I can conceive children. Even though I am 34, I feel younger and sexier than I have in years!

The making of PCOS Unlocked

I was first diagnosed with PCOS back in 2009. At the time, I was working in an Ivy League biogeochemistry laboratory. I knew plenty about the body. But I still knew nothing about PCOS. I asked my doctor for help. He gave me estrogen pills. That didn't work. He gave me a different drug. That one gave me a kidney problem bad enough that I had to check myself into the ER.

I searched high and low for a real cure. A hard-working scientist, I read every article on PCOS I could find. I didn't just want to cover up my PCOS with hormone treatments. I wanted to get better. I wanted clear skin. I wanted to enjoy sex again. I wanted to be able to have babies some day. I literally ached to be carefree, and to feel comfortable, sexy, and alive again.

After years of searching, I finally discovered a secret about PCOS: it's not just a "one size" problem. It can't be solved just with eating less and exercising more, or with a low carbohydrate diet. I fell through the cracks because I didn't fit the mold. I couldn't be cured by doing things the same old, ineffective, harmful way.

I wrote PCOS Unlocked solely to prevent you from suffering the same fate.

With PCOS Unlocked, you won't fall through the cracks. You won't have to eat less and exercise more and be continually frustrated by how ineffective that is. You won't be confused, or frustrated, or alone. You won't have to waste money on prescriptions and gimmicks. You won't be stuck in years of struggle.

You won't even have to give up dessert!

Exactly like it was for me, the plan in PCOS Unlocked can be your path to renewed faith in your body, rock solid fertility, a ravenous libido, and jaw-dropping confidence.

Here's what you get inside
PCOS Unlocked: The Manual

PCOS Unlocked: The Manual ($39.95 VALUE!)

In this Manual, you'll discover:
  • Why most doctors have PCOS all wrong. Doctors often misdiagnose women who have PCOS with something else! Even when they do catch it, they almost always fail to fix the underlying problem causing the PCOS.
  • What caused your acne, weight gain, infertility, and other hormone symptoms. Hormones are tricky! Fortunately I understand them very well. I break down the causes and influences of PCOS for you in plain, no-nonsense English.
  • How diet and lifestyle help heal you. Some doctors won't talk to you about food and PCOS, but that's wrong. Eating the right foods is one of the most helpful secrets for overcoming PCOS.

The PCOS Unlocked Video Series:
($39.95 VALUE!)

Here you'll learn:
  • How birth control affects PCOS. Most women don't know it, but here you'll learn: birth control has a big impact on your hormones and your health. I show you how to overcome problems from birth control.
  • How to exercise to beat PCOS. Not all exercise is created equal! Certain exercises heal your hormones and help you overcome PCOS.
  • How to understand test results. Did your doctor run tests on you, but you don't know what they mean? Or you want to get tests done? Here I explain everything you need to know about hormone levels and blood tests.

PCOS Unlocked Audio Series:
($39.95 VALUE!)

In these audios, you'll learn:
  • Which supplements and herbs can help. Certain vitamins and herbs have been shown to reduce PCOS and support clear skin, hormone balance, and weight loss.
  • How to be permanently healthy. No, no one's health is perfect. But PCOS Unlocked isn't about a short fix you have to make up for later. It's about becoming healthy for a sustainable, long, and happy life.
  • Why I wrote this guide. I had PCOS for several years before I mastered the science and cured my own PCOS. I wrote this guide because I want to spare you the same trouble.

You Also Get These Seven FREE Bonuses:

Bonus Supplmental Guide #1:

PCOS-Type Summary Guide ($39.95 VALUE!)

This supplement is your quick guide to everything PCOS. No need to scroll through the whole manual to find your solution - it's right here!

What caused your PCOS and how to overcome it? This quick guide has all the answers.

Bonus Supplmental Guide #2:

The PCOS Food Guide ($39.95 VALUE!)

Food is arguably the best medicine around. In this supplement, you receive a list of all of the "good" foods and all of the "bad."

I break down a healthy diet for you, and this short-cut provides you with all the food info you need for a good shopping list to supercharge your healing.

Bonus Supplmental Guide #3:

The Hormone Glossary ($39.95 VALUE!)

In this supplement, I explain in plain English testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and many other important hormones.

You can take this information right to your friends and even your doctor and impress them!

Bonus Supplmental Guide #4:

PCOS-Type specific indicators ($39.95 VALUE!)

In this supplement, I break down the different PCOS symptoms - having acne, being overweight, growing facial hair, having a low sex drive, or having irregular periods, for example - and what they mean for your healing.

Each symptom is a part of the roadmap to success, and this guide makes your journey all the quicker and easier.

Bonus Supplmental Guide #5:

Blood test interpretation tables ($39.95 VALUE!)

Get your blood tested by your doctor but don't understand what any of it means? Or maybe you want to get your blood tested but don't know what tests to ask for?

This supplement provides quick answers for what all of your hormone levels mean.

Bonus Supplmental Guide #6:

Stress questionnaire & checklist ($39.95 VALUE!)

Stress is a major part of PCOS and other hormone problems! Are you stressed out? How do you know?

This supplement includes a world-renown questionnaire on stress levels. Use it to evaluate how stressed you are, and use the stress-relieving secrets I provide to help reduce it as much as possible!

Bonus Supplmental Guide #7:

PCOS-Typing Flow Chart ($39.95 VALUE!)

Sick of confusing charts and graphics at the doctor's office? This supplement is a quick, easy-to-understand flow chart that asks you yes and no questions. When you get to the end of the questions (there are only a few!) you are provided with a recommended solution for overcoming your PCOS.

Not bad for one "small" supplement!

The Complete PCOS Unlocked Package

All for Just $259.50 $47 over 75% OFF!

Customer Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

What Readers Are Saying:

this is the first thing that matches what could be going on in my body...

By Malary

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been researching EVERYTHING that could be the cause of my lack of menstruation for 2.5 years and this is the first thing that matches what could be going on in my body. I can't wait to keep reading into this! :D Thank you!

I used to have terrible cysts and irregular bleeding, and now, because of Stefani, I am happy and free!

By Dorothy E.

Stefani is a genius of the female body - quite possibly the smartest woman I have ever encountered. I can't believe how much she has fixed in her own body, and how much she has been able to provide to the world in turn. I am menopausal, and I used to have terrible cysts and irregular bleeding, and now, because of Stefani, I am happy and free!

More about me:

My life as an Internationally Celebrated PCOS Expert

My name is Stefani Ruper. Aside from overcoming my own PCOS, I am regarded as an expert in the field.

I am the author of the best selling women's health book, Sexy by Nature: The Whole Foods Solution to Radiant Health, Lifelong Sex Appeal and Soaring Confidence.

I am the voice behind the highly acclaimed Paleo for Women blog, the first ever body image and self love podcast Live. Love. Eat., and a self love YouTube channel.

I also hold degrees from Dartmouth and Boston University. I have helped women on five continents balance their hormones and get fertile again. I am flown all over the country to discuss my approach to healing women's bodies. Each month hundreds of thousands of women benefit from the science I share on my blog. I have been called by New York Times best-selling author Robb Wolf "one of the boldest and most learned advocates of women's health in the ancestral scene."

Guaranteed to Produce a Visible Difference
In Your Body and Mind, or you PAY NOTHING!

Go ahead, try out PCOS Unlocked: The Manual for an entire 60 days! By the end of that time, you must not only be thrilled with everything you learn and the quality of the information — you must also be convinced it can help you slim down, clear your skin, enhance your fertility, improve your hormone balance, and feel more energized and sexy every day.

In the highly unlikely event that you're not blown away by all the instruction and the benefits this system can help bring you — just let us know and we'll send you a prompt, no-questions-asked refund. We are fully committed to your satisfaction, and incredibly confident you'll be amazed by PCOS Unlocked: The Manual

The Complete PCOS Unlocked Package

All for Just $259.50 $47 over 75% OFF!

Customer Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

Still Unsure?

As helpful as this manual is, my marketing experts tell me that only about 0.5 percent of the people who have the opportunity to purchase it will. Although that's okay with me from a business standpoint, it still bothers me personally. You see, I know how much the women who use this manual benefit from it. I read their emails; I respond to their Facebook messages; I see them personally at conferences, and hundreds each year tell me that my work "saved my fertility!" Because of this, I just hate the thought of someone not getting PCOS Unlocked because of some error I've made in my explanation.

That's why I held a special brainstorming session with a group of our people just to try and figure out why you might say "no" to my completely risk free offer. After several hours, our group could only come up with three possible reasons. They are:

1"It's not worth my money."

Women have come to me after having spent thousands of dollars on tests, doctor's visits, and fertility treatments. They have come to me after years of frustration. Some cried tears of gratitude and relief, but it would have been so amazing if I had been able to help them at the beginning and avoided all of that. The price of this manual is pennies compared to the financial and emotional trouble of treating PCOS the normal way. It also costs way less than a personal consultation with me, but still contains all the important information you need to overcome PCOS.

It can save you thousands. Women always tell me they wished they acted faster. And don't forget the money back guarantee. This manual is genuinely 100 % risk free. You have nothing to lose, and only a ravenous libido, clear skin, slimmer waist, and healthy reproductive system to gain.

2"I won't learn anything helpful."

Are you well-read? Think you know everything about PCOS? PCOS Unlocked contains revolutionary information. It's the only manual of its kind. Literally. The only one. No other book on PCOS covers the full range of causes and cures of PCOS, from obesity to insulin resistance to hypothyroidism to stress and to the birth control pill, and more. PCOS Unlocked also explains what happens in the body in all of the cases, and the best ways to overcome them with diet, lifestyle, and supplementation changes.

I guess it's possible you've read everything I've ever written and all the other materials out there that exist. (I do doubt it!) Even if this is the case, just let us know within 60 days, and we'll of course refund you, no questions asked!

3"It seems too good to be true."

I know. It sounds unbelievable, right?! A guide that will solve your PCOS? For good? That will help you be sexy and fertile and healthy, for good? You probably don't believe me. That's good. I'd be skeptical, too. Can PCOS Unlocked really do all the things I promise?

Actually, it can. Of course, PCOS Unlocked is not a magic wand. I cannot wave it and make your PCOS disappear. It's not perfect. But if anything comes close, PCOS Unlocked does. I have seen it work way too many times to believe otherwise.

I'm a real skeptic. It takes a lot to convince me.The reason I talk about PCOS Unlocked so confidently is that it really is that effective. It's so effective I've given you a 100% refund guarantee. If it doesn't work, you get all of your money back. I am that confident. I know it will work for you like it's worked for thousands of others. It's not magic, but it's stunningly effective. It provides you with the easiest, healthiest, most permanent way I have ever seen to improve your sexiness, fertility, and health.

I just had to write to tell you quickly that I got my first proper period in well over a year last week!

By Emilia L.

We communicated about a month or so ago and I just had to write to tell you quickly that I got my first proper period in well over a year last week! Im just so thrilled. Im sure - as someone who has been in the same boat - you don't need me to re-iterate how amazingly relieved I am.

The Complete PCOS Unlocked Package

All for Just $259.50 $47 over 75% OFF!

Customer Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

Answers to Your Questions

Why an ebook?

Answer: What's the benefit to purchasing the fully digital PCOS Unlocked as an eBook? Simple: you get immediate access. You get to start on your healing now, today. You don't have to worry about losing the book or the CDs -- you'll have it available to download forever.

You're also automatically signed up for lifetime updates. You get access to ALL new research and recommendations. Unlike a traditional book, PCOS Unlocked will always have the most up-to-date information and recommendations. PCOS Unlocked will pay for itself again and again.

Is a book on PCOS really worth my money?

Answer: Women have come to me after having spent thousands of dollars on tests, doctor's visits, and fertility treatments. They have come to me after years of frustration. Some cried tears of gratitude and relief, but it would have been so amazing if I had been able to help them at the beginning and avoided all of that. The price of this manual is pennies compared to the financial and emotional trouble of treating PCOS the normal way. It will save you thousands. Women always tell me they wished they acted faster. And don't forget the money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose, and only a ravenous libido, clear skin, slimmer waist, and healthy reproductive system to gain.

I'm over 30...reaching 40...coming up on menopause... is this program still for me?

Answer: Yes! PCOS is a problem that affects all women of all ages! There is even a new and updated special section of the manual devoted to menopause.

I don't know all that much about hormones. In fact, I don't know anything. Is PCOS Unlocked still for me?

Answer: Yes! PCOS Unlocked is full of easy-to-understand diagrams and definitions in easy English. Even if those aren't for you, however, and you aren't interested, each section has a "takeaway" summary that tells you only the bare essentials you need to know to overcome PCOS

Will I have to wait for you to ship me all of this information?

Answer: No, the information is available for digital download immediately after purchase. All of the files are in .pdf, .mp3, and .wmv format, immediately usable by both PC and Mac users. The PDFs are Kindle and printer friendly if you would like to print the text manual.

What if it doesn't work for me?

Answer: Then it's all free. If you follow the plans laid out in the manual and your PCOS symptoms do not improve, and within the first 60 days, you will receive a complete refund, no questions asked.

What sorts of things are involved in the treatment strategies?

Answer: PCOS Unlocked deals largely with food choices, specific strategies for eating those foods (for example, eating in a certain amount of meals each day or a certain amount of carbohydrates), and different amounts of and types of exercise strategies. Supplements, herbs, and certain medications you may be considering using are also thoroughly explored and explained.

Do I have to have blood test results or even a PCOS diagnosis in order to benefit from PCOS Unlocked?

Answer: No. Blood tests help you understand your PCOS, so I do recommend you get them done (and the specific tests are listed in the manual), but they are unnecessary if you would like to proceed without getting tested. You will be on the road to overcoming PCOS immediately with PCOS Unlocked. PCOS Unlocked can even help you figure out if you have PCOS if you are unsure.

How do I watch the .wmv files on a mac?

Answer: There is a simple, free conversion software program available for download that makes .wmv files compatible for Macs, presuming that you do not already have .wmv-compatible video players. Detailed, 30-second installation instructions are available in the single PCOS Unlocked download.

Overcoming PCOS sounds hard. Can I do it?

Answer: Yes! PCOS Unlocked is not just easy-to-understand, but simple to implement. Yes, it takes commitment. Yes, it takes making real changes to your life. But these are changes make you far and away more healthy overall and in the long-run. Most importantly, I make them easy for you. This manual is all about how to do this practically, as easy as 1-2-3. What if I have other questions?

Please email me! Me and my team are here for you. Contact me at with any questions or concerns you have about the manual.

What if I have other questions?

Please email me! Me and my team are here for you every day. Contact me at stefaniruper with any questions or concerns you have about the manual.

A manual like this would have been the brightest ray of hope in an otherwise very foreboding future. And now, it's available. Hallelujah!

By Kate

I was diagnosed with PCOS six years ago and had no idea what was going on. I'd never heard of it, I didn't know where to search, everything doctors recommended to me sounded wrong, and I was paralyzed with fear. A manual like this would have been the brightest ray of hope in an otherwise very foreboding future. And now, it's available. Hallelujah!

P.S. Don't forget that this is an immediate, easy-to-use guide that is 100 percent risk free! You could spend hours of your life researching PCOS on websites (they probably have it all wrong anyway!), or waiting in lines at doctor's offices. You could spend thousands of dollars on blood tests, medications, and fertility treatments. You could live in envy of all the healthy, radiant, carefree women in your life.

Or you could purchase this risk-free guide today, and take your healing into your own hands!

There is no time for healing like the present. Without saying yes to yourself today, years of feeling bad about yourself, feeling unhealthy, or worse, feeling broken or plain old gross, may lie ahead.

Don't let yourself be the woman who missed out (like I almost was). Don't be the woman with regrets. Don't look back and say "I could have done something." Be radiantly healthy now, today, 100 % risk-free.